Margaret Atwood names Wattpad as favorite app

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  • Updated: Jan 24, 2013 16:18 IST

Story-sharing site Wattpad has had its app named as Margaret Atwood's favorite.

Atwood, speaking to Appnewser, also reminded her audience that Wattpad is hosting her own unconventional collaboration "The Happy Zombie Sunrise Home," co-authored by Naomi Alderman of narrative fitness app Zombies, Run!.

The story follows two characters: New York teenager Okie, whose Dad was eaten by her zombie Mum, and Clio, her grandmother, who is trying to turn her Toronto home into a safehouse while coaching Okie through the desperate journey north.

"One of us will write a chapter for our character and send it to the other one, and the other would have to write their way out of it," Atwood explained.


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