BFC Checklist: It’s not a wedding without...

  • Saudamini Jain, Shreya Sethuraman, Hindustan Times
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  • Updated: Dec 01, 2012 18:50 IST

A happy couple (Representational Pic)

It’s not a wedding without...

One rogue aunt. And her husband. They’re upset because nobody cares if they had tea one evening. So they throw a tantrum, right there.

NRI cousins. They have their way with their desi ‘distant’ cousins.


A fat aunt who can’t dance, a drunk uncle. They dance together, embarrass their kids and scandalise everybody.

The jilted lover. Whispers follow his/her broken heart.

The 37-year-old unmarried cousin (female). Everybody tries to guess why she’s not married. “Do you think she’s still a virgin?” asks a cheeky bhaabhi.

The coquettish younger sister of the bride. She’s allowed to outrageously flirt with any of the many single men. Even all of them if she so pleases. She can giggle with the groom too. She should be engaged by next season.

From HT Brunch, December 2

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