Brunch Opinion: How Do You Measure Happiness?

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People in Indore love to eat. Happiness is quintals of poha and jalebis and every imaginable sort of namkeen. Patna has got safer over the years and people can finally go to the night shows of movies. Happiness is Dabangg 2 at 9 pm at a theatre, complete with whistling. Kochi is the coolest place in all of Kerala. Happiness is going to the mall. Jaipur loves to celebrate. Happiness is getting dressed up and partying with your very large family at your ancestral haveli. Chennai loves Carnatic music and The Beatles.

Happiness is curd-rice. Delhi burns in the summer. Happiness is Delhi winter. Mumbai is stuck in traffic. Happiness is Queen’s Necklace. Kolkata reads everything in print. Happiness is sweet. Bangalore is all things cool. Happiness is that rock concert. This is what I found while researching for this week’s cover story. Happiness is my first cover story. What’s yours? 

From HT Brunch, January 13

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