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Anybody who is somebody tweets. Some not as well as the others. We’re not judging, we’re only handing out some free advice! Follow @HTBrunch!

Vishal Dadlani @V1SH4L: We love him, we love his music. That’s why it’s a shocker to see him raving and ranting on Twitter. Vishal, you put Charlie Sheen to shame! With anger management, we mean.
TIP: Generous use of CAPS LOCK makes it seem like you’re TWEETING FROM ATOP MOUNT EVEREST. Isn’t it much nicer in lower case? Exactly.
Shahid Kapoor @shahidkapoor: If you want to win a spelling bee, stay away from his tweets. (He’s forgiven because he looks the way he does.)
TIP: Spell Check and a copy of the good ol’ Wren & Martin, available at all leading book stores.

Poonam Pandey @iPoonampandey: Obviously Photoshop-ed nude images, wanting to strip for a “cause” only to back out at the last minute, Pandey also claims to be the most searched model on the Internet. Really?
TIP: Read/ask someone to read you the story about the boy who cried ‘wolf’. And if you want to do something, do it. Don’t ‘declare’ it.


Somya Seth @saumya_seth: Seth loves herself. She’s a chronic retweeter (of only praises showered by her fans). Her only original tweets are lines from Hindi songs. Kali kali khali ratoun se hone lagi hai dosti....
TIP: Interact with your fans, maybe? And not just to tell them how very exhausted you are. Details of the episode, the shoot, something, anything!

Arvind Kejriwal @ArvindKejriwal:  Loves to quote Chomsky, tweets at full speed to ‘uncover’ hidden truths and declare his love for the country.
TIP: Yes, it is inspiring to read your tweets, but they only show a Utopian world. They will not change the world. A short break from the microblogging site would be of great help.

From HT Brunch, April 7

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