Photography exhibition takes on vandals who leave the sites damaged

At some point, we’ve all grimaced upon seeing a heritage site in India vandalised by scribbles, usually with names or professions of love for someone. Now, a photography exhibition, Heritage Through The Lens, brings the beauty of these monuments, and the pain the average tourist feels on seeing them defaced, into focus.

“It really hurts to see these beautiful spots in such a damaged state. The government needs to take this matter seriously and more efforts are needed to ensure that they remain intact for future generations,” says Varsha Karale, the photographer behind the exhibition.

Around 41 of her images are on display in the city from April 4, and they cover monuments in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.

“Though the Taj Mahal is protected, one can see scribbles around its periphery. This is also the case with the Agra Fort and the Red Fort. I have even found stuff written at the City Palace, Jaipur. Some people had scribbled their names even eight feet high.”

Karale plans to document similar vandalism at more heritage sites around the country. She says, “This has become a mission for me. And I want to create more awareness about this menace.”


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