Sensitively artistic

Artists sometimes create works that portray the harsh reality of life, but in a sensitive manner. One such artist is 34-year-old Manoj Kachangal, whose artworks reflect the violence, corruption and terrorism in today’s society. Kachangal’s select 50 works, culled from his works done in the last three years, are being exhibited in the Capital in a five day long solo show titled Sublime Lands at the Visual Arts Gallery in India Habitat Centre.

The artist’s paintings comprise of bright, textured landscapes with an aggressive colour scheme. In almost all his works, he has used criss-crossing knife strokes, horizontal planes that run parallel, acrylic over canvas instead of oil paints, in order to depict the inhumanity of the world. 

Kachangal believes that human beings could be the most beautiful beings in the world, but they forget their own beauty and indulge in violent acts. Hence, each of his canvases, however calm and serene they look, encapsulates a contained violence also.

Through his paintings, Kachangal wishes to vent out his frustration and aggression that became a part of  his mental makeup because of the Mumbai 2008 terrorist attacks. “The aggressive colour of my paintings is the voice against such violence.” says Kachangal.

The message through his paintings is “to awaken the world around to take aggressive action against terrorism, corruption and break from this world of dominance and power and be free in mind and thought.”


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