Critics' Review: Ankur Arora Murder doesn't make a Case

  • Ankur Arora Murder Case

    Written by Vikram Bhatt, upcoming film Ankur Arora Murder Case takes up the disturbing issue of mdeath due to medical negligence. With actors like Tisca ...

  • Ankur Arora Murder Case

    Directed by Suhail Tatari, Ankur Arora Murder Case is based on a real life incident of a boy who died during his operation due to ...

  • Ankur Arora Murder Case

    Director Suhail Tatari has cast Arjun Mathur, Kay Kay Menon, Vishakha Singh, Tisca Chopra and Paoli Dam in his film Ankur Arora Murder Case.

  • Ankur Arora Murder Case

    Rohan (Arjun Mathur) was a young medical intern who dared to dream. He was in awe of Dr. Asthana (Kay Kay Menon), the Chief of ...

  • Ankur Arora Murder Case

    Together with Ankur's mother Nandita (Tisca Chopra), Rohan (Arjun Mathur) sets out on a turbulent journey to fight for what is right. A fight for ...

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    Child actor Vishesh Tiwari plays the lead role of Ankur Arora - the kid who dies on the operation table due to medical negligence.

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    Paoli Dam in a still from Ankur Arora Murder Case.

  • Kay Kay Menon, Ankur Arora Murder Case

    Ankur Arora Murder Case releases on June 14, 2013.

Vikram Bhatt 's Ankur Arora Muder Case has been released to an audience that is running high on the youthful comedy of Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani. This and the fact that it steers clear of expected melodrama seems to have left critics a bit confused.

The Vikram Bhatt medical thriller boasts of a star-cast comprising Kay Kay Menon and Tisca Chopra who are known in the industry for powerful performances.  Appreciative of the intent and concept of the film, critics are divided in their opinion about the execution and performances. Spoilers Alert.

Saibal Chatterjee writes for NDTV, "The film's lack of vitality stems from factors that are embedded in the comatose screenplay, which has neither much sting nor any imagination." He thinks the character sketches to be flat and unsurprising, "Not only does the doc's unseemly bravado ring utterly false, you also instantly know that this guy is going to be in serious trouble sooner than later."

As for the execution, he makes a special remark about the title, "For one, the title is a dead giveaway, as a result of which one large chunk of the film is completely predictable. The audience knows a death is on the way and that it is going to lead to a 'murder case'."

Saibal's opinion is backed by Tushar Joshi of DNA. He laments about the possibilities the film could explore but didn't.

 "Despite being a court room drama it lacks the finesse its genre requires. There was immense scope and possibility for the film to take off and become an engaging legal thriller, but the cliches and predictable subplots prevent the story from rising above the ordinary."

However, the MTV editor's review challenges the aforementioned critics' opinion. "The "Ankur Arora Murder Case" is one of the most gripping moral dramas in recent times. The deftly crafted script raises the question of right and wrong in the medical profession without getting preachy or hysterical. Somewhere, Dr. Asthana's medical arrogance connects with each one of us who has in one way or another encountered deadends in healthcare," s/he writes outlining the human interest element in the story.

The critic also makes a pointed remark about what entertains the audience nowadays. "Indeed, this is a far cleverer, wiser and relevant film than most of what we get to see these days. At a time when Bollywood is raining bubbles and effervescence about  'jawaani deewanis' and 'yamla paglas', this sobering clenched disturbing medical thriller comes as an invigorating cloudburst."

Swati Deogire notes in, "The court proceedings (peppered with Hindi film-ishtyle 'milord milord' rants) were enjoyable and made the second half interesting. A kahaani main twist also initially lends to the suspense element, but soon enough falls into the usual rut."

However, she is not too impressed with the execution either. "Jerky camera shots, an unnecessary love song and a forced love affair are some of this film's drawbacks. 'Ankur Arora Murder Case' would have been far better off without them."


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