Talaash’s red light shoot

  • Aamir Khan is a treat for photographers! Not just because he's good looking, one of the A-listers of Bollywood but also because he provides such ...

  • Aamir Khan has an amused look as he talks to the media during Talaash promotions at his residence.

  • Hai la! Aamir is all ears as the media poses questions.

  • Aamir Khan passionately explains something to the media during Talaash promotions at his residence.

  • O teri! Aamir listening attentively to the media.

  • Aamir Khan certainly has a mischievous glint in the eye as he addresses the media during Talaash promotions at his residence.

  • Contagious laugh: Aamir Khan finds something rather humourous at the press conference.

  • Bollywood actor Aamir Khan was spotted talking rather passionately about his upcoming film Talaash at various press conferences across the country. Take a look.

  • Aamir Khan seems to be explaining something with a lot of vigour at a Talaash press conference in Lucknow.

  • Aamir Khan talking to the media during a promotional event of his upcoming movie Talaash in Jaipur on Sunday.

Actor Aamir Khan’s upcoming thriller Talaash has been mostly shot at Kamathipura, Mumbai’s oldest and Asia’s second largest red-light district. “The team has shot at the authentic locations of Kamathipura, which are notorious for its activities in the night. They have shot in the smallest of the motels which rent out rooms by the hour,” says a source from the production unit.

The source also informs that considering the lanes of the area are narrow, there was no space for the vanity vans to be parked there and hence the production team had to “convert the rooms of these motels into dressing rooms and make-up rooms for the cast and crew (read Aamir and Kareena Kapoor)”.  


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