Wacky Vir set to get serious

Delhi Belly put him in the spotlight as the wacky Arup. And now, stand-up comedian-actor Vir Das is readying for a serious outing with Tanuja Chandra’s Raakh with Raima Sen.

“It’s completely opposite to what I have done in Badmaash Company (2009) and Delhi Belly. It could even seriously affect my comedy career,” laughs Vir.

Raima and he play a couple from Bhopal. “Besides the fact I had to lose about 7-8 kgs for the role, I will be seen with a side-parting and pleated pants. In fact, I forgot that I ever spoke English in life because the character doesn’t utter even a single word in English,” he says.

In fact, Vir also made several trips to Indore to meet people to pick up the local dialect. “You know what, I don’t even smile in the film, even once,” says Vir, who is still relishing the success of Delhi Belly.

“It has acquired many more connotations than just a film. People are calling it ‘path-breaking’ and ‘cult’. I didn’t expect such words thrown at it but I always knew it would be a great film,” he smiles.

Besides Raakh, Vir will also act in another film that he has written. “I have a content company, Weirdass Productions. Over the past two years, we have written six films. The film in which I am going to act is absolutely crazy,” he says.

Vir also reveals that post Delhi Belly release he has been receiving many more offers than he ever got in his entire career of six years. “But I can never forget that I have a successful stand-up comedy career too, which requires a lot of attention. I can never be only an actor,” he says, adding he is set go on a world tour with his stand-up acts to places like Scotland, Europe, Middle East, Far East, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and Australia.

For now, it is all work and no rest for the comic-actor. “Work is hectic these days. Ten years back, if you had told me that I will work with Aamir Khan Productions or Yash Raj Films, I would have called you crazy and drunk,” he laughs.


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