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  • SLUG

    Be it the short bob of the 20s or the long wavy hippie braids of the 70's, hairstyles often have a cultural undertone. Here's a ...

  • new millennium

    The first decade of the new millennium was all about revisiting the past. Every style from the past dominated the trend with a modern twist.

  • hair

    The 90s was all about sharp structuring around the face which was envisioned in Rachel's look in Friends.

  • Hair

    80s was the age of the excess! Hair became bolder and edgier. Women sported a 'mohawkish' do especially on the crown.

  • long braided hair

    The 70s was all about freedom and rebellion. Hair became an expression of rebellion and long braided hair was the cult look.

  • Beehive hair

    The 60s were all about sporting a beehive on your head. The volume became larger and hair bands made a comeback.

  • curly hair

    In the 50s hair suffered because it was teased, sculpted, waved and forced into perfectly formed curls.

  • Soft curls

    40s was all about the au-natural look. Soft curls, shoulder length hair was in.

  • headband

    30s was all about hair decoration with headband, feathers, clips et all and the usual-curls.

  • bobbed hair

    The roaring 20s saw the emergence of short, bobbed hair away form the long Victorian styles sported by women previously.

In the final chapter of a three-part series on the latest hairstyles for women, here are some easy styles that those with long hair can follow — for work, parties or just casual meetings with friends.

Working it
This is the most simple-but-sleek look.

Make a puff and tie a high pony using a thin, black rubber band.

Now, from the pony, remove a thin lock of hair and cover the band by taking it around the band and securing using a bob pin.

Alternately, you could braid the thin lock of hair to cover the band.

This particular look, as advised by the stylist, should be done on blast-dried hair to attain maximum volume.

Keeping it casual
On dried hair, make four sections (middle parting down to the nape and a parting from ear to ear).

Take convenient smaller sections and curl them loosely using a large-sized tong. Start from the nape area, working your way to the top.

The top section should be blow-dried and set to fall in a flow.

Time to party
Take the fringe area and divide into three parts. Start making a plait (away from your parting or the preferred side) and take it to the back of the ear and pin it.

Backcomb the section right behind the plait to lift it higher, but don’t make a puff.

Now take the rest of the hair to one side and leave it natural and either scrunch your hair if curly or braid it
if straight or use your creativity.

The hairstyles have been put together by the team at Muah, Bandra, with Extra Mile Café, which organises workshops on hairstyling.

Call 90040 60766 for more details


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