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  • Updated: Sep 05, 2013 02:46 IST

Braided: Corn row swag!

While many of us are busy googling Miley Cyrus’s twerking moves at the VMAs, the fashionistas are sure to have already blogged about the singer’s horn buns. Like them or not — the two tiny blond knots that sat atop her closely cropped mane has got the beauty buzz going. Inspired by the original 90’s fashion diva, singer Gwen Stefani, others like artist Rita Ora have also tried the style.
But, before the knots, came the donut. Available at cosmetic stores and online portals, the bun ring (donut) is a must-have. Lastly, we also see how braided buns have made a comeback — complete with milkmaid rolls and twirls.

Devil knots

It’s punk, it’s naughty — it’s all things fun. The double top knot is not for the faint hearted, but for those who can channel 90’s chic. The queen of spunk, Gwen Stefani, has mastered the art of making crazy dos look like a classy affair. When messing around with the style, make sure the knots sit atop your mane, if they fall on either side, you run the risk of doing Princess Leia’s bagel buns.

Donut buns

The donut is a chunky bun that sits right at the center, and atop the head, with the front hair ususally pulled back fiercely. Reality star Kim Kardashian has been often spotted with the donut. It’s the best DIY bun to do, since the rings using which you get the volume and a hair-fix cream can go a long way in making your evening glamourous.
Since these rings are available in different sizes, you can choose what suits your style best.

The braided bunch

If your plan is to infuse some vintage vigour in a classic bun, go the braided bunch way. Mix and match by doing milkmaid braids in the front and a chignon at the nape of your neck, or go all out with doing a bun made with a fishtail braid. Jennifer Lawrence led the way by keeping her blond locks messy in the front with bangs, alongwith a bejewelled plait bunch to finish.


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