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  • Updated: Jul 27, 2012 00:48 IST

Ever got caught in a sudden downpour with eye-liner spider-web under your eyes and your foundation looking like a novice painter’s botched up job? Sounds like a fashion forward woman’s worst nightmare, isn’t it? Well, to look hot in the rain, all you need to know are some simple tricks: Ban dense makeup and think dewy, sheer and fresh. Throw in some rainbow cheer into your makeup palette and you’re set to be the ultimate puddle-stomping diva.

Let’s banish bad make-up days from your life. 
Less is more in the monsoons. There is a constant risk of your makeup getting smeared because of the rain — and nothing looks as tacky as smudged makeup. So, go for the lightest amount possible. A tinted moisturiser should be sufficient.

SkinYou need to avoid certain products to make your look rain-proof. Don’t use compact as it can turn cakey. Also, avoid powder eye-shadow and powder blush on. 

If you do require coverage, don’t forget to waterproof your makeup. Skip the concealer and use a waterproof primer foundation. Your kajal and mascara should also be waterproof. 

To brighten up your eyes, wear waterproof, coloured eye-liner. You can also go for a cheek and lip stain.
If you want to use a blush on, opt for one which has a cream base, and use it sparingly to sculpt your cheeks. 

Before you apply mascara, use an eye-lash primer to set the product.

When choosing colours, seek inspiration from nature. Coral red, fuchsia and tangerine for lips, and blue, green and turquoise for eyes would do the trick. But, don’t colour up your entire face. Focus on a single feature. Bright red lips with plain eyes look great. Don’t do smoky eyes as there is always the risk of the black spreading around your eyes. 

Paint your nails in bright neon colours.
(Inputs by makeup artist Komal Gulati and Benedetta  Burchiellaro of Color Bar)

Keep glowing in the rain
1 Remove all traces of makeup from your skin using cleansing milk, before you hit the bed.

2 Effective cleansing using a soap-free cleanser is recommended. You could also use a gentle scrub (with uniform mild beads) once a day, to remove blackheads, hardened oil and dead skin. 

3 Cleansing should be followed by toning using an alcohol-free toner, since increased humidity could open up your pores.

4 Use sun-screen, even on cloudy days.

5 Use a light, oil-free moisturiser or serum which will gently re-hydrate your skin and also brighten it up.

6 Remember to nourish your skin from the inside too. Eat salads blanched in boiling water to disinfect them, vegetable soup which will keep you warm and healthy, and drink the usual 8 to10 glasses of water everyday. 

(Dr Sangeeta Amladi, head, medical  services, Kaya Skin Clinic)


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