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As a kid, you may have patted on your mother’s compact and coated your lips with lipstick to look older. While you grew up, you realised that make-up does the exact opposite — wipe years off your face if applied correctly. But take a look at recent trends and you’ll notice that the focus is now not only on looking younger, but about feeling younger too.

M.A.C recently launched their Archie’s Girls collection, with products that fit two broad categories — the diva Veronica and the girl-next-door Betty. And, the packaging features candyfloss hearts, shimmer, tiny bottles and the characters’ faces. “It’s a collaboration that will resonate with different generations. Youngsters who are reading the comics now and older folks who have grown up reading them.

The packaging makes everyone want to own the products,” says Sonic Sarwate of the brand.

Meanwhile, Colorbar’s entire new range of applicators — brushes, nail files, sponges and the like — is in the brightest colours conceivable and Estée Lauder has embraced the roll-on gloss.

Internationally too, brands such as Benefit and OPI have always relied on youthful packaging with cheeky taglines to increase sales. Clinique and Revlon have introduced tinted lip balms that look no different from crayons. It certainly looks like you will soon have many more such cosmetic toys to add to your collection in the coming months. We got Sarwate to create two distinct day and night looks that keep with the theme.


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