Diet soda mixers may get you drunk faster

  • AFP, Mumbai
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  • Updated: Feb 15, 2013 18:28 IST

A new study now reveals that how drunk you could become depends on whether you mix your vodka or rum with diet soda or regular soda. The study showed that men and women, who drank vodka with diet soda had breath alcohol concentrations that were 18 per cent higher than those who drank the same drink with regular soda.

The findings support the conclusions of an earlier research. In 2006, it was suggested that artificial sweeteners in diet soda speed the absorption of alcohol. “Sugar-sweetened alcohol mixers slow down the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream,” explains Dennis L Thombs, co-author of the latest study. “Sweetened alcohol mixers do not really elevate alcohol intoxication. Rather, the lack of sugar simply allows the rate of alcohol absorption to occur without hindrance.”

Another independent 2007 study also found that alcohol was absorbed far more quickly when mixed with carbonated beverages as compared to flat mixers, such as fruit juices.


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