CLICKED! Lindsay Lohan in bed with Charlie Sheen

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  • Updated: Sep 21, 2012 14:29 IST
  • Lindsay Lohan

    Lindsay Lohan, who is charged with drunken driving and theft case, was arrested after a judge revoked her probation. Here's a look at the troubled ...

  • Lindsay Lohan

    Lindsay is clad in a white dress.

  • Lindsay Lohan

    Superior Court judge Stephanie Sautner revoked her probation because she was ousted from a community service assignment at a women's shelter.

  • Lindsay Lohan

    The judge said: "There has been violation after violation."

  • Lindsay Lohan

    Teary-eyed actor looks scared.

  • Lindsay Lohan

    The Mean Girls star looks rotten.

  • Lindsay Lohan

    Bail was set at $100,000.

  • Lindsay Lohan

    The actor was later released on bail.

  • Lindsay Lohan

    A hearing on November 2 will decide whether Lohan should serve another stint behind bars.

  • Lindsay Lohan

    She was sentenced last May for stealing a necklace worth 1,529 pounds.

Yes, it is true. Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan will not only be seen starring opposite each other in the fifth Scary Movie but will also be sharing some intimate moments in it.

The king and queen of controversies have once again created a buzz with this latest image, which is reportedly the first still from the horror spoof franchise. The image was released by The Weinstein Company and Dimension Films to Coming Soon, reported Huffington Post.

In the still, the two famous tabloid fixtures are seen in what looks like a post-coital moment. While Lindsay looks a tad guilty and remorseful, Charlie looks nonplussed as seems to ask her what happened. LiLo certainly looks like she abruptly in the middle of a makeout session. So, what really happened? Only, time will tell!

“Charlie and Lindsay filmed a love scene. The scene they were shooting for the movie was of them in bed together,” the New York Post quoted a source, as saying.

The 26-year-old actress had got cold feet earlier about shooting the love making scene, and had blown off a string of meetings and flights because she freaked out about mocking her public image.

“Lindsay was a great sport. She was poking fun at herself, and she really got into it and seemed to enjoy it,” the source said.

Lindsay Lohan and Charlie Sheen's lovemaking scene in Scary Movie 5

The source also said that the two stars with Hollywood’s most infamous off-screen reputations even “shared some playful pillow talk during shooting.”

“They were joking that they’ve both had a lot of issues over the past couple of years,” the source added.

At one point while filming the horror spoof, Lohan got scared and turned to Sheen.

“Lindsay was scared by a sound effect, and actually jumped into Charlie’s arms. But everything went smoothly and surprisingly on schedule,” the source said.

According to Huff Post, Lohan and Sheen's roles in the film are reportedly brief and it widely assumed that the characters they play will get brutally murdered, as is the custom of the Scary Movie franchise, which spoofs the Scream franchise.

The film is scheduled to release on April 19, 2013.

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