Rashid Irani's review: Fast Five

In top gear

Fast Five
Direction: Justin Lin
Cast: Vin Diesel, Paul Walker
Rating: ***

The fifth installment of the globally hot-rod franchise that started with The Fast and the Furious back in 2001 delivers exactly what thrill-seeking gear heads want: explosive action, death-defying heroics and camera caressing heroines and hunks.

Putting pedal to metal from the very first frames, Fast Five is one of those speedathons that is over before the viewer can question such niceties as logic and plausibility.

This time around, the career criminal (Diesel), his sister (Jordana Brewster) and her lover (Walker) are in Rio de Janeiro to carry out the proverbial last job. The target of the Ocean’s Eleven-style $ 100 million heist is the city’s ruthless drug baron.

Also in the mix is an oversized federal agent (Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson) determined to bring the real criminals to justice.

The characters still conform to abrasive dialogue and by and large, resemble one-dimensional cut-outs. Returning behind the wheel for a third lap (following ...Tokyo Drift and  Fast and Furious), director Lin maintains a hectic pace throughout.

Quite a few of the action sequences are a doozy. Count among them the climactic chase in which cars smash into each other, not to mention everything else in their way, with jaw dropping consequences. Expectedly, too, there's a terrific bare-knuckled showdown between Vin Diesel and The Rock.

Fasten your seat belts, then, and roar through this top gear blockbuster.  By the way, just don't forget to leave your brains behind at the starting line.


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