After missing a string of deadlines, the results of the final year polytechnic diploma exam of the Board of Technical Education, Uttar Pradesh (BTEUP) was announced on Friday, ending the uncertainty in the minds of more than 2 lakh students. Like previous years, girls outperformed boys in the exam this year too.  

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    The pass percentage of girls this year is pegged at 73%, compared to the 55% of boys who managed to clear the exams. A total of nearly 15,000 girls appeared in the exam while more than 1.77 lakh boys took the exam, said SN Singh, secretary, board of technical education.
    The result was declared on July 28 after the authorities missed several consecutive deadline of announcement of results. The results were first scheduled to be out on June 25, and then rescheduled multiple times to June 30, July 6 and July 13. 
    The board conceded that the delays were due to their failure to complete the evaluatioin work on time. Singh told HT that next time it will be declared on time. “There were certain technical issues that has delayed the process of preparing final year result,’ he said.
    The BTEUP conducts examinations for students enrolled with polytechnic colleges across Uttar Pradesh in various disciplines like Electrical, Electronics, Civil, Mechanical, Automobile, Computer Science (CS) and Information Technology (IT).

How do sparks fly when you meet that old friend?

A couple

You remember that boy in school or college who you were always friendly with but never thought of as anything more? Cut to present. It’s years later, and you meet him on a social networking site. Sparks fly and you realise there’s more to the old friendship than you thought possible.

People in their twenties and early thirties are experiencing this phenomenon quite frequently. We speak to three city couples who’ve been through this experience about their old-new love stories.

Best friend’s sister
Sometimes, it’s age or other factors that keep you from approaching a person you like. For 32-year-old Vikram Sabnis, the thought of dating his friend’s sister wouldn’t have occurred to him earlier. It’s bro code. I always thought of Shilpa as my best friend’s baby sister who’d be busy playing with her dolls whenever I went over to their place. It’s only when she moved to my city for studies and contacted me on Facebook that I even remembered that she existed, he says. Shilpa asked Vikram to help her set up house and find her feet in Pune, a city that was alien to her. Even then, Vikram thought of her as a kid since they have nearly 10 years between them. He didn’t take me seriously. It was only when he had an accident and I took care of him that he realised that I was more than a friend, says Shilpa. The couple has been dating for three years and plan to get married this year.\

Friends with benefits
By the time you hit quarter life, chances are you’ve probably been through a couple of relationships that didn’t work out but you’ve got your life fairly sorted out. This is the time when most of us are looking for something serious and who better to start a new journey with than an old friend. I never really paid much attention to Rohan when we were in catering school together, says Joshleen D’Souza, a 28-year-old writer with a magazine. We used to hang out in a group of classmates and were on friendly terms. But recently, when he got in touch with me for help with his new venture, I realised there was more to it than I first figured.
Rohan Sharma, on the other hand, always thought of Joshleen as cute and smart but didn’t approach her as she was in a relationship at the time.A mutual friend suggested I ask for her help. But when I contacted her after a gap of nearly 10 years, I didn’t expect her to be single. She helped set up my new business, even going so far as to investing in it. Since I wasn’t in the country, we flirted over texts and chats for nearly three months before I moved back and officially asked her out, he says.

Too cool for School
He was just a boy in my class who I was friendly with but didn’t think much about. Years later, he sent me a friend request on Facebook. We got chatting about school and how it has been after and decided to meet up. On the first date itself, I was smitten, gushes 26-year-old dentist Urvi Doshi, who recently started dating her friend from school, Sahil Shah, a software engineer.


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