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Where are all the eligible men/women? If this is your favourite line these days, or you are trying to keep ‘we mean well’ parents and friends at bay from ‘fixing’ a match, is your quick-fix solution.

“We live in an era of social networking sites like Facebook and we know that people aren’t looking for a database experience. They are looking to be part of a community, where they can meet other like-minded individuals. That’s why TwoMangoes was born,” says Anita Dharamshi, founder. The team consists of four founders and three employees. The dating website launched a few days ago, and already has over a few thousand registered users and anticipates crossing the 10,000 mark soon.

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The team made it their mission to steer away from the traditional matrimonial or “biodata” approach. “We replaced that often intense dating environment with one that's more relaxed and non-intrusive, allowing singles to feel comfortable in connecting with each other.” Things like their blog, the mangowire, and various other fun features, further supported this aspect. The site also claims to be 99 per cent spam free and 100 per cent fake user free.

Dharamshi adds that the biggest consideration to be kept in mind when building a site for Indians was that there needed to be a balance between the concept of dating (which is new to some) with cultural values. “For some reason, the word ‘dating’ seems to have taken on a negative connotation in India and is considered to be ‘taboo’ or ‘cheap’ to some. So we had to work around it,” says Dharamshi. And as far as the future goes, the team is working actively on their mobile product to offer users the best of TwoMangoes on their smartphones.

How it works
Sign in using Facebook account or email address. Registration consists of one page of questions and uploading of a picture. Once you create your profile, access all the features including the mangowire (a timeline), search other member profiles, send messages. The team reviews the profile for quality. Communication is checked for spam, fake users or abuse.


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