Know types of sex you have in your twenties

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Since people between the ages of 20 and 30 are mostly busy exploring their options, it does involve a decent amount of sex that tends to be anything but uniform, and so experts have given 15 types of sex that you probably have had or will have during your prime years. A few of them:

The list starts with bad sex — when you’re in your 20s you still aren’t necessarily sure exactly what you like, how you like it and who you like it from. In the midst of your sexual experimentation, there are bound to be a few less-than-awesome experiences. Your partner might have absolutely no idea what he or she is doing, or just be too self-involved to care.

“You’re convenient” sex —maybe it’s the person who you’ve run into in your apartment building on occasion and shot a seductive glance, or that friend of a friend who lives three blocks away and made out with you at that party a few months ago.

One-night-stand sex — some sexual experiences just aren’t meant to be repeated and so at some point in your 20s you’ll probably find yourself waking up in the bed of a near-stranger, someone you met at a bar or a party or one of your classes.

“I could actually date you” sex — this type of sex means something emotionally, which might make it the scariest kind of all. You may feel vulnerable and overly aware of your body as you take off your clothing.

Creatively-located sex —the stacks, an airplane bathroom, a hostel hallway, your parents' bed, a bar, the park, an alley, your car — the possibilities are endless and while it's fun to hope that you will still be this adventurous in your 30s, a carpe diem approach is probably advisable.

Drunk sex — often combined with bad sex or one-night-stand, this type of sexual experience is usually less than amazing.

Friend sex— at some point during your 20s you’ll likely reach a point with a previously platonic friend in which you both agree that it’s a great idea to sleep together.

Sex for one— sex by yourself is a great way to learn what it is you want from a sexual experience with a partner. It's healthy, it relieves stress and women deserve orgasms in or out of relationships. 

Non-existent sex — there are times when you’re not having sex at all. It might be frustrating but it's also a great time to reflect on what you actually want from your sexual experiences when they inevitably begin again.

Barter-system sex — sometimes you just really want some help putting together your IKEA furniture. And sometimes a little bit of physical pleasure comes out of a day of Allen key usage. It''s really a win-win situation.


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