Abhi-Ash's Beti B has a name, finally!

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  • Updated: Mar 06, 2012 13:38 IST

FILE PHOTO: Big B walks out of the hospital holding Beti B. (AP Photo)

Putting all the speculations, doing rounds about his daughter's name to rest, Abhishek Bachchan has confirmed that they have zeroed in on a name for their adorable daughter. And no, it's not Aaliya, as rumoured.

“We’ve got a name, and I’ll announce it very soon, but in terms of releasing a photograph you know I... if people see her in everyday life that’s fine by me, but I just think releasing the photograph is a very pompous thing to do. We don’t believe in any ceremony in terms of naamkaran,” Abhishek said in a statement releasd at a forum where he was a guest speaker.

As per the sources close to the family, Bachchan family will announce the name after Amitabh Bachchan returns home from hospital.

Beti B also paid a visit to dadu Amitabh at Seven Hills Hospital with mum Aishwarya few days back.

We wonder, if Amitabh will make a Twitter announcement again!


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