Kim Kardashian slimming product banned

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  • Updated: Oct 13, 2012 17:26 IST
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A slimming product endorsed by Kim Kardashian has been banned from sale in Australia by the medicines watchdog.

QuickTrim Suppress and Burn was one of three products cancelled from the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods this week, the Herald Sun reported.

Reducta FatBlaster tablets and BergaMet Mega cholesterol and metabolic support tablets were also cancelled from the register.

A spokeswoman for QuickTrim said the company was appealing the TGA decision.

She said the Suppress and Burn supplement was in production and had not yet hit shelves in Australia.

“The cancellation of QuickTrim’s Suppress and Burn is currently under ministerial review following an appeal submission to the Department of Health,” the spokeswoman said.

“All QuickTrim products currently sold in pharmacies around Australia... are completely unrelated to the recent cancellation advice,” she added.

Kardashian travelled to Australia last month to promote QuickTrim products, which are branded with images of the American reality TV star.

The products are advertised as weight loss agents, with some claiming to “decrease fatigue” and “reduce hunger.”

But a review by the Therapeutic Goods Administration found “there was insufficient evidence to support the indications for the (Suppress and Burn) product.”


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