Mila Kunis called `dirty Jewess` by Ukrainian politician

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  • Updated: Dec 22, 2012 19:40 IST
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  • Mila Kunis

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  • Mila Kunis

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  • Mila Kunis

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Jewish organizations around the world are angry at the Ukrainian government, after their politician used an Anti-Semitic slur about Mila Kunis in a Facebook rant.

Lawmaker Igor Miroshnichenko wrote that Kunis (a Jew born in the Ukraine) is not a true Ukrainian, as she’s a “zhydovka” a word that has been used as a slur against Jewish people since the Holocaust.

After protests by Ukrainian Jews, the government announced the word was OK to use as it appears in the Ukrainian dictionary, as a term for a Jew that isn’t necessarily a slur.

Simon Wiesenthal Center in Los Angeles wrote a letter to Ukraine’s Prime Minister to express their outrage and indignation against the slanders of the Svoboda Party directed against the Jewish community in the Ukraine.

In the letter, Rabbi Marvin Hier explained that the term “zhydovka” translated to “dirty Jewess” and was used as an insidious slur invoked by the Nazis and their collaborators as they rounded up the Jews to murder them at Babi Yar and in the death camps.

Hier and Abraham Cooper expressed their “outrage and indignation” and said Kunis is owed an apology

The organisation has called on the Prime Minister to “publically condemn this attack and to take measures to defeat the xenophobic forces that threaten your democracy.”


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