Poonam Pandey goes topless on Twitter

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    As the world celebrates the International Bikini Day, our very own model Poonam Pandey is making merry on Twitter by posting racy pictures of herseelf- ...

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    @iPoonampandey: "Today is International Bikini Day.. and we r gonna Celebrate this.. will have a Non stop Party here on Twitter."

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    She now wants to rename the day as the Poonam Pandey Day, starting a bikini revolution: "Why not name this International Bikini Day as - ...

  • Poonam Pandey

    Poonam Pandey always manages to stay in the news with her stripping acts on Twitter.

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    Poonam Pandey who had posted a 'dirty' Holi video on Twitter, was in for a rude shock when Youtube blocked her racy clip. This is ...

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    A 2.56 minutes video posted by Poonam Pandey on Holi was blocked on youtube, as it violates its terms of service.

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    Skimpily clad Poonam Pandey poses with a pichkari.

  • Poonam Pandey

    Poonam Pandey gets naughty on the occasion of Holi.

  • Poonam Pandey

    Poonam Pandey posted a topless pic on Twitter.

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    Taslima on Poonam: “Poonam Pandey got naked but not satisfied. She wanna do dirtiest things none did before. Wants to get f****d in public!(sic)”

After trending on Twitter for her bikini pic, the self-proclaimed strip queen Poonam Pandey has gone one step further and posted her topless snap on the microblogging website. The Kingfisher model certainly knows how to keep her fans asking for more as she posted a series of tweets that kept tweeple glued to her page.

The model who started tweeting about the pic at 4pm finally posted her topless pic at midnight:

"Finally on Public demand Sharing a pic #PoonamPandeyWithoutBikini Tweethearts!! Thanx for Loving me so Much .. Luv twitpic.com/8pvdeo," she tweeted.

"WARNING 18 & under should not try looking up the pic. that said i do not take responsibility for anyone under age #PoonamPandeyWithoutBikini," Poonam added.

This is what she was tweeting during the 8 hrs that preceded the final tweet:
"i guess #PoonamPandeyinBikini shud change to #PoonamPandeyWithoutBikini What say? after a fantastic Innings," her first tweet read.

TOPLESS: Poonam Pandey posts her 'without bikini' pic

"i guess by this evening u will experience #PoonamPandeyWithoutBikini so get Ready only on @iPoonampandey," she added.

More tweets:
@iPoonampandey: as on Tweeblic demand #PoonamPandeyinBikini will change to #PoonamPandeyWithoutBikini #KeepWatching

@iPoonampandey: TweetHearts so are you ready for a Celebration Part after a Long time Only on @iPoonampandey #PoonamPandeyWithoutBikini in a while

@iPoonampandey: Tweethearts Before i share a pic #PoonamPandeyWithoutBikini let me hear something from u?

@iPoonampandey: Tweethearts!! have patience the more u are Excited, even m too ... but first let me read all ur tweets on #PoonamPandeyWithoutBikini

@iPoonampandey: TweetHearts!!! u all r Crazy reading ur Tweets on #PoonamPandeyWithoutBikini hehee thnx for Loving me so much

BIKINI PIC: Poonam Pandey's bikini pic was a hit on Twitter

@iPoonampandey: Till the Mean time let me Hear how do u want it to be #PoonamPandeyWithoutBikini ???

@iPoonampandey: Tweethearts!! so Let me know how do u want #PoonamPandeyWithoutBikini to be ?

@iPoonampandey: so when shud i start the Countdown for #PoonamPandeyWithoutBikini

@iPoonampandey: Tweethearts!!! lets Start the countdown! for a Historic pic #PoonamPandeyWithoutBikini 1000 ... 999
@iPoonampandey: #PoonamPandeyWithoutBikini Trending in India!

The final countdown
@iPoonampandey: & 10 #PoonamPandeyWithoutBikini

@iPoonampandey: 9 #PoonamPandeyWithoutBikini after the Pic Releases we shud see a Change in Team India's Performance .. Hope even ST gets is 100 ton soon

@iPoonampandey: Once upon a time in Lords when Yuvraj and Kaif made it possible against England.. today virat - raina made it #PoonamPandeyWithoutBikini 8

TWIT PIC: Poonam Pandey posted this sometime back

@iPoonampandey: 7 #PoonamPandeyWithoutBikini the Historic pic is here

@iPoonampandey: 6 #PoonamPandeyWithoutBikini hahahahaha i was Kidding we are at 6 #KeepWatching Luv u alllll Muwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!! Twitter Rocks :P

@iPoonampandey: 5 #PoonamPandeyWithoutBikini on its Way!!

@iPoonampandey: 4 #PoonamPandeyWithoutBikini in next 20 Mins

@iPoonampandey: 3 #PoonamPandeyWithoutBikini More 15 mins

@iPoonampandey: 2 #PoonamPandeyWithoutBikini in 10mins

@iPoonampandey: #PoonamPandeyWithoutBikini It will be dot 12mid night and 29th Feb.. Once in 4 year.. just as the date ;)

@iPoonampandey: #PoonamPandeyWithoutBikini in 5mins


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