Veena Malik's nude FHM cover controversy, a hoax?

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  • Updated: Dec 12, 2011 14:44 IST
  • Veena Malik

    The Pakistani actor, model and reality TV star's nude FHM spread has created an outrage in her home country. While she has sued the magazine ...

  • Veena Malik

    Veena Malik made waves for getting intimate with Ashmit Patel in Bigg Boss 4.

  • Veena-Ashmit

    Veena has been in news for her on-off relationship with Ashmit Patel.

  • Veena

    Veena has allegedly dumped Ashmit Patel for her new show Veena Ka Swayamvar.

  • Veena-Asif

    Veena Malik spilled details about former lover and cricketer Mohd Asif's match-fixing.

  • Veena Malik

    Veena was criticised by religious hardliners for bringing a bad name to Pakistan, after her Bigg Boss outing.

  • Veena

    Shiv Sena even called for a bandh to protest against Pakistani contestants in Bigg Boss 4.

  • Veena Ka Swayamvar

    Veena Ka Swayamvar is her next television outing, but item girl Rakhi Sawant Sawant has claimed that nobody would accept Veena as 'bahu' in India.

  • Veena Malik

    Veena Malik is quite excited about her Swayamvar stint.

After giving 2 countries sleepless nights and either irate or awed fans much to 'ponder over', there's speculation that the controversy between Veena Malik and the FHM magazine was indeed fabricated and stirred for effect.

"Mumbai-based fashion designer and stylist Umair Zafar, who has done several shoots with controversial photographer Vishal Saxena, spilled the beans on the Veena Malik-FHM cover shoot controversy," reports TOI.

"A few days before the FHM cover was out, photographer Vishal Saxena told me to be prepared for a big 'dhamaka'," the daily quotes Umair Zafar.

So was it all pre-planned?
"Veena Malik did the shoot topless with her hands covering the upper part of her body. She was wearing a bikini panty below, which was later on morphed and removed electronically by photographer Vishal Saxena. All this was pre-decided and agreed upon by all concerned. In order to save face and avoid the repercussions that it could have - both in Pakistan and in India and yet avail of all the publicity Veena Malik and FHM magazine had pre-decided that Veena Malik would send a defamation notice to the magazine and the magazine in turn would then send her a counter-notice. Yeah sab mili bhagat hein," Umair Zafar tells the daily.

Veena Malik

"The entire episode had been meticulously planned by Veena Malik, photographer Vishal Saxena and FHM magazine representatives. "Even the defamation notice was prepared in advance," tells Zafar to the newspaper.

If this entire controversy between Veena Malik and FHM was indeed fabricated, then 2 nations were taken for a ride. And quite immodestly too!


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