Yana loves her pantyless painting

One would’ve expected her to fume and be ready with team of lawyers — instead actor Yana Gupta is flattered by a painting inspired by her pantyless appearance in November last year. In the painting made by artist Pranava Prakash, Yana is dressed in the same black outfit that she was wearing when the faux pas happened, with her hair tied in a lose braid. He has painted two poor children, with hardly any clothes on, sitting next to Yana.

Prakash says he made the painting to show the divide “between Bharat and India”. When we sent the picture to Yana, she loved the ideology behind it and said: It’s quite witty and original —definitely a good piece of art! I wouldn’t buy it though. It’s better than I expected!”

PaintingShe later wrote to the painter to congratulate him on the work. Prakash says that Yana has told him that she will come to his studio and see his artwork. Explaining the concept behind the painting, Prakash says, “Bharat, belongs to vast 32%, who cannot afford bare minimal clothing while there is a five star culture where the glitterati is preferring less cloth because of fashion.” Yana was photographed pantyless at an event in Mumbai.

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