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Anupama Chopra

Here’s to watching movies with an informed choice. Film critic Anupama Chopra’s new show, The Front Row with Anupama Chopra, will have Chopra’s review and verdict on the week’s releases.

She will act as the filter that will help the viewer make an informed decision on whether they should spend three hours on a film or not. Her expert opinion will be summarised by way of number of stars awarded to the film along with qualitative comments that will indicate appeal of the film with relevant audience groups. For example: “must-see if you are a Salman Khan fan”, “not for the faint hearted”, “strictly for teenagers” etc.

The show will not just touch upon Bollywood films but also have a round-up of the latest buzz from World Cinema. Chopra will give an insight into the most relevant newsmakers, trailers and topics trending that week.

“The Front Row is your cheat-sheet to the movies — Hollywood, Bollywood and World Cinema.   The aim is to bridge the gap between the world of cinema and the expectations of viewers,” says Chopra about the show, which will air every Friday on Star World.   

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