Pre-Marital Counselling

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  • Updated: Oct 04, 2003 17:55 IST

Pre-marital counselling tackles concerns relating to the impending marriage, clears up misconceptions about sex, talks about issues like interpersonal relationships and family planning and in short, prepares a person for marriage.

Parents may, at times, be unaware of certain conflicts and concerns that their children have with regard to marriage. The generation gap is responsible for this. This is where pre-marital counselling intervenes and bridges the gap.

It has been established that those youngsters who have been exposed to pre-marital counselling have better chances of coping successfully with their marriage, than those who have not.

The basic idea of human sexuality is to express love and caring to another human being. If one has a problem in expressing this, one need not feel shy of seeking help in overcoming the problem. No other creature in the world feels shy of its own sexuality. So why should we?



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