Unhappy Abstinence

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  • Updated: Jun 03, 2003 18:41 IST

You’ve had enough problems with drink. You decide to pull yourself out of the mess. That’s easier said than done. In the initial stages there are several problems.

The disease of alcoholism has two sharp edges. The first edge attacks you when you drink excessively. You face problems in several areas of your life. These are obvious and are easily noticed by others. The other edge is that part of the disease that attacks you when you are struggling to recover. These problems are felt by you alone. Others are not even aware of these problems. Abstinence-based edge is as painful as the alcohol-based edge.

You can’t remember things. Life is very stressful. Mentally you start craving for alcohol. Your irritable and demanding behaviour makes others feel that you are more tolerable when you are drinking!

You are in the dry drunk phase. Dry refers to the fact that you are not drinking now. Drunk refers to the fact that you display the same deviations in behaviour and attitudes that you exhibited when you were drinking.

Recognise the dry drunk symptoms. You can then deal with the problem. If you do not recognise the pattern and acknowledge it as a problem, you’ll almost certainly slip back.

(Source: Webhealthcentre.com)


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