Nature’s child

The lowdown
‘Green’ entrepreneurs are people who pursue business goals keeping in mind the sustainable development of society. They are actually change agents, who are showing the path to others as to how sustainability can be kept in mind even when prioritising profit maximisation. In today’s age, just meeting environmental standards is not enough! Entrepreneurs need to look at how environmentally conscious their organisation is due to various reasons such as customer perception, curtailing cost, revenues etc. It has become a necessity to pay attention to the environmental impact an organisation has on the community. For example, few years ago waste was perceived to have no monetary value. But with changing times, both large and small enterprises cannot afford to ignore the waste management practices in place, as it has a direct impact on the company

7am: Wake up, exercise and check mails. Work on presentation for client interested in a joint venture
10am: Reach office, check appointments for the day, fine-tune presentation
2am: Break for lunch
3pm: Meet client for presentation, hold discussions
6.30pm: Take client to solar cell manufacturing unit for product presentation
10pm: Dinner with client

The payoff
Green is in and these entrepreneurs are smart to know that such technology will be in great demand in the future. The national action plan on climate change enumerates eight missions in which the government would encourage green entrepreneurship. The solar mission offers opportunities for technology development and innovations in this important field. There is a focus on energy-efficient technologies, in which government incentives and sops will be available to encourage green ideas

* Excellent entrepreneurial and managerial skills
* Good communication skills to tell others about your great idea
* Ability to keep the big picture in mind and work for sustainability and the earth’s future

Getting there
The Centre for Environment Education and the Teri University offer programmes related to the environment, and to sustainable development. B-schools are also looking towards greening their curricula. Teri University’s MBA in business sustainability  attempts to incorporate sustainability issues into each course and specialisation

Institutes and URLs
An MBA/engineering degree can be combined with degrees from
* Teri University
* Centre for Environment Education

Pros and cons
* Great satisfaction in running a business that has adopted environment-friendly practices
* Complying with strict regulations can be tough

Career opportunities in this field are available to everyone, including engineers and others --Shubhra Mohanka, director, Solid Solar, New Delhi


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