NaMo tattoos, bulb-fitted ghagras trending this Garba season

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  • Updated: Oct 09, 2013 15:56 IST

After T-shirts, kurtas and sarees with 'NaMo' stickers, Narendra Modi's tattoos have become a trend during this garba festival in Gujarat.

In Ahmedabad, men are getting temporary Modi inkings on their biceps, whereas, women are opting to show it off through their backless cholis teamed with lighted lehengas.

"Garba also means something new and fresh during the nine-day long festival. Girls are especially going for back tattoos to flaunt it through their backless cholis. Apart from the general tattoo designs, Narendra Modi tattoos are the latest trend during the Garba," said Shalini Saxena, who got a Modi tattoo on her back.

The trend of Modi as a presentable motif emerged with the Modi mask in 2007 and BJP is cashing in on it by ordering kurtas and sarees from Surat with 'NaMo' stickers ahead of his rally in Patna.

Another big trend during this garba season is of ghagras with bulbs. Megastar Amitabh Bachchan first made the bulb-fitted costume popular in 'Yaraana' son 'Sara Zamana' and probably taking a cue from the actor's outfit, women are shelling out money to get lighted ghagras.

These ghagras are fitted with neon bulbs on the border and the lights are arranged in a random pattern with the density of bulbs increasing towards the bottom of the skirt.

The batteries are hidden inside the wider part of the skirt and the lights are turned on by a remote control.

"This is a new trend in terms of style that has emerged this year. As Garba symbolises brightness and prosperity in one's life, these bulb-fitted costumes try to bring out that. I have shelled out Rs 9,000 for my daughter and my lehenga," said Nupur Patel, who wore a yellow neon-light ghagra for her garba dance.

Garba, the longest dance festival in India, is performed in a circle by both male and female. The rings of dancers revolve in cycles around the Goddesses Amba, the feminine form of divinity.

Apart from the costumes, Bollywood has also influenced the music and moves of Garba. Many numbers like 'Ghoonghat me chand hoga', 'Dhol Baje', 'Hey shubhaarambh' among others are a hit. Deepika Padukone's Garba moves from "Ramleela" are also taking momentum.

Contemporary dances like belly and aerobics infused with Garba moves are also the new flavour this season.

Seema, a member of an all girls dance group 'Gorgeous Girls' who perform belly on Garba music, said many dancing schools teach these new forms.

"These school teaches these new dance steps the youth, who are more interested these days to learn the modern dance form," she added.


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