Residents gather for Good Friday

About 500 families of Gurgaon gathered at Saint Michael’s school in Sector 7 to mourn the crucifixion of Jesus on Friday about 2,000 years ago.

The members gathered around 3pm when youngsters of the Parish performed the first scene when Jesus was condemned to death.

The procession of more than 1,000 people including men, women and children walked in silence with a black cross in their hands mourning the crucifixion of their lord.

The youngsters performed all the 14 stages of Jesus crucifixion staring from the heavy cross being laid on his body to his three falls, stripping at mount cavalry before he is nailed to the cross and his dead body being placed in Mother Mary's lap before being buried in the tomb. The audience collected was truly moved by the performance.

“I make it a point to bring my children for the mass as it reminds us of the sacrifices Christ did for us,” says Roselyn Rohilla.

“We believe that Christ took the sins of humanity upon himself and freed us of the fear of death. The sting of death has been taken away due to his rise in front of the disciples two days later (on Easter),” says father Anthony at the church.

“We have been fasting for the last 40 days, taking only one vegetarian meal a day in remembrance of the lord. This mourning will end on Sunday, the day when the soul of Jesus rose again, culminating in Easter celebrations,” Michael Martyr said.


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