School not convinced, won’t probe issue in Mumbai molestation case

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  • Updated: Mar 30, 2013 00:57 IST

The Kurla school has decided not to conduct an internal inquiry into the allegations made by the parents of a six-year-old boy alleging that the child was routinely taken away from the school bus and sexually abused.

The school said it would leave the matter to the police to investigate.

The boy is a resident of Ghatkopar.

The child’s parents have alleged that the woman attendant on the bus used to hand the boy over to some men after picking him up from the crèche, where his working parents left him during the day before his school started. The men would then sexually abuse him, the parents have claimed.

However, the names of the ‘men’ given by the parents turned out to be two six-year-old classmates of the child.

Finding discrepancies in the story, the school said it had reasons not to believe the allegations.

“The child’s crèche is close to the school at Kamani junction. He is the last child to be picked up and the first one to be dropped. At the end of the day, his nanny would come to the bus stop to take him back to the crèche,” the school principal said, adding that one of the boys named in the complaint was absent from school for over a month.

Hinting at something fishy, the school said the parents’ complaint came a few days after they had tried to contact the boy’s mother regarding his learning problems. “The boy is suffering from attention deficit disorder and does not communicate with anyone. We had been calling his parents to discuss various interventions that are required for slow learners, but she [the mother] never showed up,” said the principal.

The school said they would wait till the allegations are investigated by the police.

The principal also claimed that there had been no complaints against the woman attendant prior to this

“Our bus contractor has been with us for three years and we trust his judgement in hiring her. The attendant is a nice and docile girl. She is about to be married in 10 days. In the past, no other parent has complained against her,” she said.


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