Students use skits, street plays to spread message of dry Holi

Owing to the severe drought in the state, several college students have taken up the task of spreading awareness among Mumbaiities to celebrate a dry Holi, through skits and street plays.

Mrudul Nile, head of students’ affairs, Mumbai University, sent out an official communication to colleges, asking them to initiate an awareness campaign.

In the letter, Nile said, “We are all aware that the Marathwada region and some interior parts of the state are suffering from severe drought… As we form one of the most important parts of society, it is our duty to bring about incremental changes in the situation. We suggest that the students’ council of your college stage a skit or a street play and go to various housing societies to educate and make people aware to not waste water during the upcoming Holi festival.”

Nile has also asked teachers to accompany students and take part in the initiative. He has recommended that the money collected under sports and cultural contributions be used for the awareness campaign.

“Sixteen colleges have responded so far and on Monday and Tuesday, students will reach out to about 100 housing societies where they will urge people to celebrate a waterless Holi,” said Akshay Pujari, president, MU students council.

Students across campuses have taken initiatives to save water. At the Indian Institute of Engineering-Bombay’s Powai campus, notices for a dry Holi have been posted on hostel notice boards. “We expect everyone to not waste water during the festival this year,” said Chandra Mouli, who heads hostel affairs on the campus.

Some students are also using social media to send out a message to their peers. “I put up a post on Facebook which read ‘Those who do not value water, do not value life. Don’t play Holi with water this year’,” said Omkar Phatak, a student of Somaiya College, Ghatkopar.


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