400 training institutes for teachers derecognised

To regularise and improve standards, the National Council of Teacher Education (NCTE) has derecognised 400 teacher-training institutions across the country.

The Council has also refused fresh applications from 12 states in India, where teacher-training institutes of low quality have mushroomed.

The move comes after the Council launched a national demand-supply study in each state to gauge the existing training institutes and look at the demand and supply situation in the next 10 years.

“States like Maharashtra, Haryana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and a few others have the maximum number of teacher training institutes, where as the states in northeast are heavily deficient,” said a senior official with the Human Resource Development ministry.

The Council will also ban certain courses that are in over supply.
For instance, the Bachelor in Education (B.Ed.) is a very popular course and available in all training institutions.


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