Delhi HC chief justice declares assets on website

  • Harish V Nair, Hindustan Times, New Delhi
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  • Updated: Dec 30, 2010 01:27 IST

The Delhi high court chief justice Dipak Misra has made public his assets by posting it on the court website, seven months after taking charge of the office.

The declaration dated December 6, 2010 put on recently gives details of landed property, bank deposits and investments made by him, his wife Suprama Misra and daughters Kajal and Sheetal.

However, like other judges of the court, he has not made any mention of jewellery or vehicles owned by him and family.

Justice Misra (57), a native of Orissa, owns a house in Cuttack. He declared the land was acquired in 1981 for R25,000 out of the “self earned income” as an advocate before he became a judge in 1996. Its construction was completed in 1988 at a total cost of R6.75 lakh. In 2003 he had also bought a flat in Supreme Enclave, Mayur Vihar, taking a loan of R22.50 lakh from HDFC bank. He has not invested in shares and mutual funds. He has R7.2 lakh in fixed deposits, R4 lakh in GPF and R3 lakh worth investment in life insurance.

His wife Suprama Misra has R9.7 lakh in fixed deposits and investment in LIC worth R one lakh . Justice Misra’s daughters Kajal and Sheetal have R6.78 lakh and R4.76 lakh as fixed deposits in banks, respectively.

Justice Misra, transferred from Patna high court, became the chief justice of Delhi high court after Justice AP Shah retired on February 12.

Judges of the court led by Shah had declared their assets on the website on February 5, 2010. It came close on the heels of  a similar exercise by judges of the Supreme Court following a sustained campaign for transparency and accountability in judiciary and a Delhi high court judgment in this regard.

Bringing the CJI under the ambit of RTI and stressing on need for judges to make public their assets, the court had said: “democracy expects openness and openness is a concomitant of free society. Sunlight is best disinfectant.”


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