Delhi listed among most hated cities by travel site

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  • Updated: Sep 05, 2012 01:53 IST

Delhi features prominently in a list of most hated cities in a survey by a CNN travel website.

The website, CNNGo, introduces a list of 10 cities, which have been described as: "They're not the worst cities in the world but they are the best at bugging people. Introducing the places guaranteed to swing your mood southward."

While Belize City, of the Central American nation of Belize, emerged the most hated city and ranked 10, Delhi ranked eighth for "plenty of cons" and "endless fleecing of travellers".

The list rated the cities in the increasing order of 'hate quotient'. 

"There are plenty of cons to be aware of," posted TravBuddy in a blogpost entitled "Scam City: Delhi's Tourist Hustles and How To Avoid Them," which lists several popular ones by name: The "Government Tourist Office" scam; The "Hotel Commission" scam; The "Fake Train Station" scam; The "Airport Transfer" scam, etc.

According to the survey, Cairo, Egypt, ranked nine with the high number of protests while Peruvian capital Lima is placed seventh for 'not being traditional enough', followed by Indonesian capital Jakarta for traffic, pollution and poverty.

Belize City was declared the 'most hated city' for having a very high rate of crime, drug dealings and a sense of dilapidation.

Los Angeles in the United States and Timbuktu in Mali took fifth and fourth positions respectively. Mexico's Tijuana, Sydney and Melbourne in Australia and French capital Paris took the top three places in the list, with Tijuana being voted as the 'least hated city' followed by the Australian cities.


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