NCW sends team to Guwahati to probe molestation case

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  • Updated: Jul 13, 2012 14:03 IST

The National Commission for Women (NCW) is sending a team to Guwahati to thoroughly probe the unfortunate molestation of a girl by around 20 men.

Terming the incident extremely shameful, NCW chairperson Mamta Sharma on Friday asked the government to suspend police officers present at the time of the incident and severely punish the offenders.

"I have come to my office just now after taking cognizance (of the matter). Our team will be will be leaving tomorrow because it is a shameful incident.  It is very weird and furious to notice that that the spectators of this unfortunate incident seemed to be with these boys, who attempted to terminate our culture and values. The government must also take steps against this cruel incident," said Sharma.

"And, I would ask the government to suspend those police officers on duty at that time, because they could have arrested all the accused at that particular point of time. The general public, who figure prominently in the video clipping, must also be arrested," he added.

Sharma further on a personal level, requested the judiciary to give life imprisonment to the accused as a deterrent to others thinking of committing such crimes.

"I would personally request the judiciary, that as they ( the accused) seek for bail after the arrest, they should be given a punishment of life term, rather than bail, so that incidents like these do not occur again," she said.

A girl was molested on Monday as she was returning home from a party at a bar located in Guwahati's Post Office area.

The incident came to light after an amateur video of the incident was uploaded on YouTube. The video shows the mob, consisting of around 20 men, beating the girl before stripping her.

The shameful act continued for 30 minutes till police arrived and rescued the girl, and handed her over to her parents.

Police later arrested four persons following widespread expressions of outrage over the incident.


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