Be safe on the internet, make use of security settings: experts

The recent case involving TV actor Mona Singh, whose allegedly-morphed MMS clip went viral, puts the spotlight on privacy and security on the Internet.

While social networking sites and the Internet allow people to share their photographs and videos with the world, this is also the zone most vulnerable to misuse. Experts said people have to make sure they are aware of security options offered by several social networking sites.  “On certain sites, there are options whereby you can disallow someone from saving a photograph you have uploaded. People tend to ignore these features, which can go a long way in ensuring your photo is not misused,” said cyber lawyer Pankaj Bafna.

Cyber security expert Vicky Shah said, “When you upload photos there is an option of making the photographs low resolution, which will then not be easy to morph One should only allow those on your friends’ list to view your photographs.”

Software such as Photoshop and other technology make it easy to morph and tamper with pictures, said cyber expert Vijay Mukhi. “As soon as you realise that an obscene photo has been put up, you should inform the police and ask them to get the page blocked immediately. An offence can be booked under the Information Technology (IT) act.” He added, “If the particular web site does not block the page, one could also approach the courts.”


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