Pseudorealism back in Mumbai

Back in 2003, the art world was taken by storm when Devajyoti Ray came up with a hitherto unexplored form of Indian art known as pseudorealism. Since then, he has moved on to showcase his work at various international art institutions and is now back in the city for his exhibition that unveils today at the Jehangir Art Gallery.

Pseudorealism involves making use of abstract shapes and ideas that have no real meaning to come up with an imagery that looks real. As Devajyoti puts it, “It means using something unreal in such a way that the final image holds the appeal of reality.”

He is credited for popularising pseudorealism, which is widely hailed as the most original Indian art form till date. “I’m glad that visual art is now being taken seriously,” he says, adding: “Initially I received a couple of bad reviews but people’s interest is now picking up and the feedback is more positive.”

After having his work showcased at The Cuban National Museum of Fine Arts, Devajyoti has returned to Mumbai with another exhibition. The Discreet Charm of Pseudorealism opens today and comprises of 23 of his latest artworks in his signature pseudorealistic style.

“My current collection tries to portray the pseudorealism of the world we live in,” he explains. Take for instance, ‘Post Modernism’ where three people are watching a painting intently without actually grasping what it means. It’s a critique of post-modern paintings that are not easily understandable.

The Bangalore-born artist has previously held three shows in Mumbai and looks forward to being back in the city. “My last year’s show at Museum Gallery received a great response and I hope to experience the same this year too,” he smiles.

The exhibition starts from today, till November 20, at Jehangir Art Gallery, Kala Ghoda. For more information, call 2284 3989

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