I never questioned superstitions

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  • Updated: Aug 05, 2002 12:46 IST

I follow the regular superstitions without feeling awkward about the fact. Whatever my elders and gurus told me to abstain from, I accepted their advice without feeling the need to question them. But then we all have our constraints and we have to mould ourselves according to the need of the hour. So therefore, in as much as I try to abstain from shaving on Thursdays and Saturdays, I really can't be rigid about it if I have a performance scheduled for the given day.

Yes, I do take care to not cut my nails after sunset and on Tuesdays and not to buy iron and mustard oil on Saturdays. I am also superstitious about the cat crossing my path, more so, if it happens when I am going on a long journey. I do not proceed unless someone else has passed by the crossed path.

However, there is no particular day of the week that I consider lucky for myself. I have performed on all days of the week and anyway, I have no control on the performance schedule. The same goes for shades and colour. Nonetheless, like most artists, I like the colour Green, as it conveys a feeling of harmony, growth and lushness.


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