Bhopal gave Mansoor Ali Khan actual royal status

Nawab Mansoor Ali Khan aka Tiger Pataudi's royal status was mainly attributed to Bhopal, as he was the scion of the erstwhile 19-gun-salute princely state, though from maternal side.

He was the grandson to Nawab Hamidullah Khan, the 13th and last Nawab of Bhopal dynasty (founded in 1707 by Nawab Dost Mohammad Khan) before the princely state merged into India.

His title as Nawab of Pataudi however came from his father Iftikhar Ali Khan Pataudi - the eighth Nawab of Pataudi that was a small non-salute princely state in present day Haryana and former captain of Indian Cricket team.

On other hand, Mansoor Ali Khan's mother Sajida Sultan was the main successor to her father, the Nawab of Bhopal Hamidullah Khan and the last titular head of the princely state. Being eldest son to Sajida thus made Mansoor Ali Khan an important scion of the Bhopal princely state.

Sajida became successor as her elder sister Abida Sultan, who had married Nawab Sarwar Ali Khan of Kurwai, shifted to Pakistan following partition. Abida Sultan went on to become Pakistan's ambassador to Brazil and her son Shaharyar Khan who held the post of foreign secretary of Pakistan from 1990 to 1994.

Sajida Sultan and Iftikhar Ali Khan married in 1938 and Mansoor was born as the eldest son to the couple at the Qasr-e-Sultani of Ahmedabad Palace in Bhopal on January 5, 1941. Mansoor Ali Khan has three sisters, Saleha Sultan, Qudsia Sultan and Sabiha Sultan.

Sajida's younger sister Rabia Sultan married Agha Mirza and had two children. Rabia's son Nasir Mirza has a son Yasser Mirza while daughter Faiza Sultan had two sons - Sardar Taimur Khan and Sardar Nadir Khan.

The Dynasty

Nawab Dost Mohammad Khan (1707-1728)
Nawad Yar Mohammad Khan (1728-1742)
Nawab Faiz Mohammad Khan (1742-1777)
Nawab Hayat Mohammad Khan (1777-1807)
Nawab Ghous Mohammad Khan (1807-1826)
Nawab Wazir Mohammad Khan (in opposition to Ghous Mohammad Khan) - (1807-1816)
Nawab Nazar Mohammad Khan (son of Wazir Mohammad Khan) - (1816-1819)
Nawab Sultan Qudsia Begum (daughter of Ghous Mohammad and wife of Nazar Mohammad Khan) - (1819-1837)
Nawab Jahangir Mohammad Khan (husband of Qudsia Begum) - (1837-1844)
Nawab Sikander Jehan Begum (1860-1868)
Nawab Shah Jehan Begum (1844-1860 and 1868-1901)
Nawab Sultan Jehan Begum (1901-1926)
Nawab Hamidullah Khan (1926-1949)

(Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi was eldest son to Sajida Sultan, last titular head of Bhopal and second daughter of Nawab Hamidullah Khan. Sajida had married eighth Nawab of Pataudi (Haryana), Iftikhar Ali Khan)


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