Good words, bad words

One small word can change a person’s life. With words, we can make war; with words, we can bring peace. Therefore, it is extremely important that we use words that do not misfire and keep us off grave situations, always.

The choice is always ours, only that we have to use a bit of common sense and have a cool mind.

There are three types of people: Those who think before they speak (ideal); those who think while they speak(somewhat okay); and those who think after they speak(Bad).

Gossiping and complaining are distractions and a misuse of your energy. Decide what you really want and apply your energy to it. As you become more life affirming in your thoughts and words, you will experience more joy and success, and your sense of well-being will help others too.

And, the way to go is: Don’t use your words to describe a situation; use them to change the situation.

Think about an area of your life or business right now that seems to be stagnant or stressful. Now ask yourself, “How have I been speaking about this situation to myself and others?”

So many entrepreneurs go around saying negative things about themselves, their businesses, and their future. 

Things like, “I’ll never be successful as there are not enough people who want what I have to offer to keep my business going.”

Do you find yourself saying things like, “This is never going to get any better…” or “The economy is killing my business.” Or, “No matter what I try, it just gets worse…”

 If you use your words to describe a situation instead of using your words to change it, the result will be that you’re calling in something that you may not want. With your words, you can either bless your business or curse your future.


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