How Penelope Cruz got cameo in Sex And The City

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  • Updated: May 22, 2010 17:44 IST

Penelope CruzActress Penelope Cruz was offered a role in the upcoming Sex And The City film after she admitted watching the first movie 15 times.

Director Michael Patrick King revealed that the Spanish beauty was offered a cameo in the film after she revealed she was a huge fan of the 2008 hit.

"It''s interesting because Penelope said to me, ''I''ve seen that first movie 15 times! I put it on when I want to feel happy and I put it on when I want to feel sad.'' Penelope is a devoted follower of those girls and Mr. Big so I needed a part and I thought, ''Who better to play that part than Penelope?'' the Daily Star quoted King as saying.

"But Penelope didn''t approach me - I went after her. She''s not playing herself whereas we also have Liza Minnelli who is playing herself and Miley Cyrus who also plays herself,” he added.


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