'This is going to be Do-or-Die'

Magsaysay Award-winning RTI activist Arvind Kejriwal talks about the road ahead for the 'India Against Corruption' campaign:

You have organised a rally, carried out an SMS campaign and used social networking sites for the India Against Corruption campaign, before reaching this stage of fast-unto-death by Anna Hazare and others? What's next?
This is going to be a 'Do or Die' fight for us. Hundreds of people are sitting on fast-unto-death with Annaji, not just in Delhi but in 450 towns and cities across the country. The fast will continue till the government does not listen to us.

When do you think will the government respond?
What can we say? It depends on the government… when and what response they give. In the meantime, we have chalked out a detailed plan. To start with, on April 12, we plan a 'Jail Bharo Andolan', wherein our volunteers will not let government employees go to work.

What is your demand that you think the government is wary of accepting?
We are demanding a joint committee of ministers, intelligentsia and civil society activists to come up with the draft for an anti-corruption bill. The government's Group of Ministers (GoM) comprises Sharad Pawar, Kapil Sibbal and Veerappa Moily. Now, can you expect people like Pawar, Sibal and Moily to work on an anti-corruption bill? It is a shame. We want the involvement of people in this.


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