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There is a big difference between being a man and becoming a mard

Farhan Akhtar in Take the initiative now (April 30) is right in stating that the boys and men of our country should learn that while respect is a thing to be earned, dignity is something we should give everyone. Since charity is said to begin at home, parents should reinforce gender equality in their living rooms.

Schools must also do their bit by helping students jettison gender clichés. Apart from encouraging healthy interactions between opposite sexes, attempts must also be made to restore and rebuild the confidence of victims who have suffered sexual assaults. There can be no excuse for prolonging their pain. It’s time each man becomes  what the writer has called a ‘mard’, someone who fights injustice and stands for what’s right.

GK Arora, Delhi


Akhtar’s effort to draw men into the fight against sexual violence against women is laudable and a move in the right direction. As long as men refuse to become part of the solution, it will be difficult to prevent rape, abuse and assault. Patriarchy affects men as much as women. It is time we, as a society, stopped perpetuating it. 

Geeta Ahlawat, New Delhi

First, check this VIP syndrome

With reference to the editorial No checks and balances (April 30), a luggage search, a frisk and a pat down at airports are routine practices. These help ensure the safety of all passengers, including ordinary mortals and even not-so-ordinary VIPs.

Thus Samajwadi Party minister Azam Khan’s displeasure at being frisked at the Boston’s Logan International Airport seems quite misplaced. It is ludicrous to suggest that this was a conspiracy hatched by external affairs minister Salman Khurshid. Khan must stop being a victim of the very-important-person syndrome and must abide by international security regulation.

RL Pathak, via email

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