With little time left for the polls, the UPA must set its house in order

With little time left for the polls, the UPA must set its house in order
With reference to the editorial UPA’s report in black and white (Our Take, May 23), the nine years of the UPA government have been disappointing. As the cases go on unabated, the government’s claims on tackling terror, ensuring women’s safety and taking anti-corruption steps are seen to be hollow. Steps against corruption have been taken only under the pressure from either the Supreme Court or civil society. The UPA appears to be an inefficient government and must adopt genuine measures to change this perception if it has any expectations from the 2014 elections.
M Chandra, via email

If the performance of the UPA 1 won it a renewed mandate in 2009, the UPA 2 fell far short of people’s expectations. In the company of less principled allies in its second tenure, the UPA faced a series of mega scams and found its image tarnished beyond repair. The UPA has managed to run the show for nine years relying on Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s personal integrity. But his inability to give a corruption-free administration has shown Singh to be ineffectual.
G David Milton, via emaill

Play with a straight bat now
With reference to the article Fixing muck reaches Chennai, Super Kings boss to be grilled (May 23), the way the spot-fixing episode is unfolding, it appears that the three cricket players belonging to the Rajasthan Royals are only small fry. With every passing day, the ramifications are much wider, involving many influential people. It is almost certain that no tangible action will be taken and everything will be forgotten with these three cricketers being made the scapegoats.
Bapu Satyanarayana, Mysore


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