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  • Updated: May 22, 2003 12:10 IST

This is something that has been given very low priority in India. Given that community involvement has helped save many lives in other parts of the world during an earthquake, it should be given greater priority, especially in small towns where road links have sometimes taken days to restore.

Have an earthquake plan. 

Not just one, but at all the places that you spend time regularly. This could include your home, your neighbourhood, and also at school or at your workplace.

If the earthquake hits during the day, members of a house may remain separated – and this could be from several hours to several days. Plan ahead and select a safe place where you can reunite after the earthquake. Consider your family's possible needs, and also select alternative meeting places near work or schools.

Select a relative or friend whose telephone number all family members of a house should have at all times. For any information this number is one all should contact for news.

Acquire a few skills, which could be crucial in an emergency like a quake. This would include learning to control fires, knowing how to rescue people trapped under debris, providing first aid, contacting the right authorities for help in emergencies, and to assist others.

Pick at least two places to meet.  While could be just outside your home the other could be at a mutually agreed place in case returning home is not possible.


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