Bangladesh's activists seek ban of finger test for rape victims

  • PTI, Dhaka
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  • Updated: Feb 05, 2013 00:01 IST

Bangladeshi rights groups and experts asked for revision of a century-old "demeaning" medical evidence law that requires rape victims to undergo a test during which doctors use their two fingers to confirm sexual assaults.

"The so-called two-finger test used by Bangladesh doctors in their examination of rape victims must be stopped," said a statement issued by Bangladesh Legal Aid and Services Trust containing signatures of 100 experts including rights activists, doctors and legal experts.

It added: "The two-finger test is demeaning and does not provide any evidence that is relevant to proving the offence".

The "two-finger" test is used to gauge if a woman who is alleging rape is 'habituated to sex' and if her hymen is broken under a law enacted in 1872 when the country was under British colonial rule.


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