Cop bombed to death, killer too shot dead

  • BK Singh, Allahabad
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  • Updated: Sep 19, 2006 00:03 IST

In a horrifying incident, the posh Civil Lines market was rudely shaken on Monday afternoon following the daring murder of a cop. What immediately followed was the spine chilling encounter in which the killer was also shot dead by the cops.

The encounter took place in the compound of the office of the food and civil supplies on Nawab Yusuf Road.

Besides the two dead, three persons including a woman and a sub-inspector sustained minor injuries in the shoot-out and bombing. One person was said to have been picked up by the police from the place of bombing where the headless body of head constable Ashok Pandey lay in a pool of blood.

Formerly in the SOG, the head constable was coming towards the Civil Lines crossing on SP Marg around 12.30 pm when one of the two miscreants sitting on the pillion of a mobike hurled a powerful crude bomb on the head of the head constable from such a close range that the miscreant's left palm was blown off.

To which side did the miscreant riding the mobike fled could not be known but his accomplice who is said to have killed the head constable ran towards the Indian Overseas Bank on the MG Marg. He kept running and brandishing a 9 mm pistol and firing from it also at the same time in a bid to keep the crowd at bay.

He jumped several boundary walls of houses behind the bank and managed to reach the backyard of the civil supplies office.

Rajkumar Seth, a lawyer who had just come out of the building he is getting constructed behind the civil supplies office and two doctors with him were terrorised by the miscreant who pointing the pistol at them wanted to use one on the mobikes parked there as a get away vehicle.

The miscreant kept asking the lawyer for the keys of the mobike and when the same was  ultimately found the miscreant ordered the lawyer to start the bike.

But the lawyer at the last minute feigned that he did not know how to drive a mobike. While this high tension drama went for about ten minutes the lawyer seeing no escape offered the miscreant to take him in his Maruti car which was parked outside his second residence.

The miscreant while covering the lawyer and the two doctors KK Singh and JK Singh with his pistol walked upto the car. While the miscreant was trying to sit on the front seat of the Maruti 800 both the doctors and the lawyer ran inside the house and bolted the door.

But by this time a daring cop, head constable Arun Kumar Dwivedi posted in the trade tax department in Civil Lines who had been searching the miscreant in the labyrinthine lanes and bylanes with pistol in his hand came face to face with the miscreant who fired several shots at him. But saving himself the head constable Dwivedi fired at the miscreant.

Meanwhile Dwivedi was joined by sub inspector SK Sharma posted at Tagore Town police outpost. But the sub inspector's pistol developed some problem and stopped firing. Meanwhile, head constable Arun Kumar Dwivedi snatched the AK 47 from the hands of the gunner of CO Civil Lines Rahul Srivastava who too had arrived at the venue of the encounter.

With this automatic weapon in hand Dwivedi challenged the miscreant who hurled another bomb which reportedly injured the sub-inspector. But at the same time Dwivedi opened a burst of fire at the miscreant who dropped dead holding the 9 mm in his right hand.


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