Reader's envy, writer's pride

Ye who pay big money for overpriced drinks in drinking joints labelled 'Sports Bar' just because they have fancy big TVs showing sport, time to turn green with envy.

Your correspondent's "Sports Bar' is live Olympics action. The London Games do not allow reporters to write beyond 7pm local time as all editions of the paper back home have been put to bed by then. That's when journalists can afford to wind down. Everyday this 'unwind' has been with beer while watching the best of sport live. Na, na this is not the surrogate 'live' of TV but the very real live of real life.

Perks include recording (on a dictaphone, of course) Bolt quotes with the athlete in touching distance and seeing Roger Federer walk past as one lines up for another beer.

Sadly the profession beats the fan out of us and transforms us into cynics. As such, such encounters do not make one prance. But as the brother back home eagerly quizzes one on each nuance of a big player observed in person, one does know that some of you readers will be real jealous of the perks of this writer's job.

This one was written purely for cheap thrills. Actually, for those who cover the Games, there is not a moment of respite and neither is there a chance to actually enjoy the spectacle. Of course, you can have a beer or two after work while watching the greatest sportsmen of our times go about their craft. Honestly, it ain't such a bad trade off :)


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